Links and Partners

Care Africa Network has established partnerships and links with a number of excellent organisations and projects for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in those countries visited in Sub-Saharan Africa. We plan to put information about our partners and link organisations on our website as soon as possible to advertise the excellent work they are doing, and hope by doing so to assist them in gaining more recognition, support and funding.


Below is information about some of our partnership organisation which we have added to our website. More to be added shortly.


Super Buddies Club (Swaziland)


Super Buddies Club, a non-profit making organization established in 2006 and officially registered by the government of Swaziland in 2008. It educates children and youth and support groups on life skills education, HIV and AIDS, children's rights, psycho social support and gender. We have established a partnership with this organisation and more information can be found here.



Super Buddies club has asked Care Africa Network to advertise their fundraising campaign for their excellent youth radio show which empowers young people and prevents AIDS. They have asked that we:


Kindly assist Super Buddies Club in mobilizing financial resources for our

new youth radio show that was launched on VOC in June. The programme

is so informative and engaging and has created a lot of demand both locally and in South Africa.

We have posted a project for raising funds on Global Giving and have

been given the month of September to use their site to raise the

funds. Kindly circulate our link for the project to friends,

organisations and people who may have interest of supporting this

valuable project.



Net 4 Hope foundation (Uganda)


Net 4 Hope foundation, Paul Brethen

Telephone number +256 773666220

Network 4 Hope address is: PO Box 22311, Kampala. Plot 2, Mutebi Road, Wanetegeya.


Paul Brethen believes that community psychology can sabotage community development. What is missing has been the psychology approach. Poverty is a mind-set. People expect to be poor and with the corruption being ripe, they expect others to cheat, therefore they compete and do not co-operate. Lack of trust in each other leads to sabotage of any help to individuals or individual progress. He has developed a N4H Holistic Model of Community Transformation to address these issues.

Uganda Women's Effort to Save Orphans (UWESO)

Address: Plot 2, Tagore Crescent, Kamwokya, 8419 Kampala.




UWESO is a Non Governmental Organization founded in 1986 to provide care for children made vulnerable by the civil turbulence and the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

UWESO targets the most vulnerable communities, specifically OVC aged 0 to 18 years and their caregivers. These include orphans, child headed households, chronically ill and elderly households with young children and OVC without alternative family care.